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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Technology: The Shuffle Replacement

Last week I mentioned that I was unimpressed with the iPod Shuffle I had ordered and returned it. Two days ago received its replacement, the 128mb Lexar JumpDrive Music. It's a jump drive and an MP3/WMA player (appx. 2 hours of tunes). Comes with an actual screen to see what's happening and to indictate your song choices. Songs can be added by dragging and dropping or the unit "syncs" (shows up as a choice of where one can copy the music to) with Windows Media Player (not a great thing, but handy). Comes with one AAA battery, headphones, lanyard, and USB extension cable. Unit has a removable cap that reveals the USB connection. Great sound and easy to use right out of the box. Cost? 39 bucks.

Next up: Dragon Naturally Speaking Standard 8. Sometimes I just get tired of having to write everything out and this software will allow me to speak my articles and posts aloud and have it converted to text in front of my eyes, leaving me with just a bit of editing. Caught some good reviews of this from David Pogue in his New York Times column. Looking forward to checking it out this weekend.



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