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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Bill Introductions

For the full text of any of the below, go to the Ohio General Assembly's web site.

SB 72 CREDIT UNION LAW To make changes in the Credit Union Law relating to fields of membership, expansion of authorities, meetings of directors, compensation of officers, fees and interest chargeable on loans, record keeping, eligible investments, liquidity fund requirements, public records, amendments to articles and use of name; to authorize accounts to be held by credit unions under laws relating to probate and intestate success; to authorize a credit union insured by a credit union guaranty corporation to maintain interest-bearing trust accounts on behalf of attorneys and to authorize credit union designees acting for or on the premises of a credit union to be appointed as police officers.

SB 73 LIVESTOCK ANTIBIOTICS To establish requirements governing the use of antibiotics in livestock and livestock products and to ban the purchase for school meals of poultry products that have been treated with an antibiotic belonging to the class of fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

SB 74 MEDICAL MARIHUANA To regulate the medical use of marihuana.

SB 75 UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION To change the requirements to qualify for unemployment compensation from earning a percentage of the statewide average weekly wage to working a certain number of hours each qualifying week.

HB 73 INCOME TAX DOMICILE TEST To establish new income tax domicile tests.

HB 74 DESTINATION-BASED SOURCING To phase-in destination-based sourcing of sales for small businesses. Am. 5739.031, 5739.033, 5739.034, 5739.035, 5739.123, & 5740.10

HB 75 DEBRIS DISPOSAL SITING LAW To revise the siting criteria for a construction and demolition debris facility, to establish an application fee for an initial construction and demolition debris facility license, to require monthly inspections of construction and demolition debris facilities, to require background checks for the operation of such a facility, to require post-closure bonding for certain construction and demolition debris facilities, and to make other changes in the Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal Law.

HB 76 VILLAGE SOLICITORS To permit the electors of a statutory village to vote on a question to authorize the mayor to appoint the village solicitor with the advice and consent of the village's legislative authority.

HB 77 STATE GOVERNMENT REORGANIZATION To reorganize the executive branch of state government.



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