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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Who Will Rid Us of this Meddlesome Election?

More news from the state capital: The Rev. Jesse Jackson, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and Dagmar Celeste were making speeches at a "Demand Democracy" rally at the Capitol Theater in support of allegations of wrongdoing in the presidential election held last November. Amid shouts of "count every vote," partisan snipings between Rep. Jones and Ohio Secretary of State Thomas Blackwell (not present, but attacked nonetheless) held center stage. Rep. Jones intends to file an objection in the U.S. House to the award of Ohio's 20 electoral votes to George W. Bush. She also needs a Senator to file a similar objection, but thus far that help has not materialized. Dagmar Celeste called George Bush "sick" and "in need of compassion." Susan Truitt, one of the attorneys representing the contestors of the election, termed the election a "deliberate, stealthy stealing of our democracy." Ohio Republican Party Chairman Robert Bennett commented that the election challenge had moved from "nuisance to absurdity." In the meantime, a petition was filed by President Bush and Vice President Cheney asking for a dismissal of the petition.




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