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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Some Legislation Introduced this Week

S. B. No. 12
Would increase the child and dependent care credit for some taxpayers and increase the income eligibility limit for the credit; to grant a state earned income tax credit; and to specify requirements relating to refund anticipation loans, including consumer disclosures, prohibitions, and civil remedies.

S. B. No. 5 / H.B. 5
Would permit small employers to offer health care plans without benefits otherwise required by statute and provide for the operation of health savings accounts consistent with federal laws.

S. B. No. 3 / H.B. 3
Would require the Secretary of State to establish a computerized statewide voter registration database in compliance with the Help America Vote Act of 2002; to require electors who register to vote by mail and have not previously voted in an election to provide identification before being permitted to cast a ballot; to permit certain electors to vote by provisional ballot in federal, state, and local elections; to specify counting standards for optical scan ballots; and to require that the applicant for a non-automatic recount pay the entire cost of the recount if its results do not change the result of the election.

H. B. No. 17
Would prohibit a court of common pleas or other court of competent jurisdiction and the attorney general from offsetting a consumer's award of the full purchase price of a motor vehicle by the mileage accrued by the consumer on the new motor vehicle in a warranty dispute.

H. B. No. 12
Would create the T-1 permit to authorize certain colleges and universities and professional athletic teams to allow the consumption of beer and intoxicating liquor brought into restricted areas on the property they own or lease.



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