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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ohio's Best Rx Open for Business

Ohio's "Best Rx" is a prescription drug discount card program designed to lower the cost of prescriptions for Ohio residents without prescription drug insurance coverage who are either aged 60 and over or any age with incomes less than 250% of the federal poverty level. The program is the result of legislation passed by the Ohio General Assembly and signed by the Governor in December 2003. According to the FAQ, the program will be funded by state dollars at first. Over time, however, it is expected to be self-funded by obtaining rebates from drug manufacturers and collecting a small administrative fee (no more than one dollar for each prescription) from Ohio's Best Rx participants. Almost all the amount of each rebate will be passed onto participants in the form of lower prescription costs.

I think we'll have to see about that. These "self-funded" programs almost always have a way putting thier hands deeper into the taxpayers pockets than was originally intended.



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