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Friday, January 14, 2005

It's Not About Ohio Law But...

...I can't wait for my new iPod Shuffle to be delivered. Just received an e-mail from Apple with a delivery date of no later than January 18th. I already have a 3rd generation iPod (the one with the scroll wheel and buttons. The newer ones have a click wheel). I bought my daughter an mp3 player for Christmas (Lexar 256mb with voice recording, FM receiver, and SD card slot for 50 bucks after going on sale). She loves it and I was impressed with its singular lack of heft. Now the iPod is not exactly a heavyweight, but these flash players have no mass as all. I really like the simplicity of Apple's new flash player. I ordered the 512mb for $99, shipped free. It has a USB adapter on one end, no screen, and holds about 120 songs. Battery life is 12 hours. The tag line for the product is "Life is Random." That is because you don't have a screen. Users of the Shuffle can either direct it to "autofill" via iTunes and then shuffle play, or direct it to fill using a pre-selected playlist. Random it is. Last thing: the Shuffle weighs .78 of an ounce. Sweet.



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