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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Free Library Resources in Ohio

In case you don't read LLRX, here is an article that appeared recently:


It chronicles some of the freely-available items and databases offered via OhioLINK and some public libraries in the state. This is something I've been introducing within every CLE presentation I've ever given over the past 7-8 years. OhioLINK and OPLIN are two of the greatest informational resources the state of Ohio has to offer, and even semi-serious researchers should know about them and use them. Two things that bugged me about the article: The Ohio Public Library Information Network was not mentioned at all within it, and the author seemed really hooked on a page that the State Library of Ohio has a link to, State and Local Government on the Net. The latter is what the Piper Resources page morphed into a few years ago, and while a good resource, is nothing that any other library couldn't link to as well. That being said, the article is a good advertisement for what college and other public libraries in the state have accomplished over the past decade or so and does offer links to resources other than the State and Local Government on the Net page.



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