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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Attorney Advertising and Testimonials

Here is the way DR 2-101(a)(3) reads:


(A) A lawyer shall not, on his or her own behalf or that of a partner, associate, or other lawyer affiliated with the lawyer or the lawyer's firm, use, or participate in the use of, any form of public communication, including direct mail solicitation, that:
(3) Contains any testimonial of past or present clients pertaining to the lawyer's capability;

Here is an order published yesterday by the Supreme Court of Ohio:


In re Enforcement of DR 2-101(A)(3) : ORDER

Whereas this court is vested with the authority to regulate the practice of law
in this state pursuant to Section 2(B), Article 4, Ohio Constitution,
It is hereby ordered that the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and all certified
grievance committees of local bar associations or the Ohio State Bar Association
shall not enforce any purported violation of DR 2-101(A)(3) until further order of
this court.



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