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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

LexisNexis Ala Carte!

LexisNexis has recently announced a new service called LexisNexis AlaCarte! The link is http://alacarte.lexisnexis.com

The credit card-for-payment service allows free searching and asks you to cough up dough only when you want to retrieve a document. According to the site, search templates are provided for various subject areas such as business, news, and legal (not yet operational). I did not try to register (a must for use of the site), but I understand from reading other blogs (Research Buzz for one), that the registration asks for a lot of info, and even includes an "opt-out" choice if one does not wish to receive junk mail from LexisNexis. The system is fairly simple, almost like shopping at Amazon: search, choose, checkout, credit card please. This is geared toward the solo or small-firm practitioner. I will register tomorrow and perform some sample searches and report back.



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