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Thursday, December 16, 2004

"Indecency" Bill With Library Filtering Language Killed


Contained this language:
...to prohibit public libraries from using state money or money from a county library and local government support fund for Internet access purposes unless they install specified types of filtering devices or filtering software and require parental approval for a juvenile to borrow library video materials; to allow a public library or its personnel to disable the filtering devices or software to enable a person to have full access to a computer for specified proper purposes; and to make funding of any public library with state money or money from a county library and local government support fund contingent upon its compliance with the filter, notice, and parental approval requirements as to use of prior state money or money from the fund.

From Gongwer News Service:

"The House on Wednesday rejected legislation that would have all but required the state's public libraries to install Internet filtering measures on public computers, killing the proposal for the remainder of the session. The library filtering plan is likely to be introduced again next year."

Me: The filtering language would have been added at ORC Secs. 3375.351 and 3375.352. The House rejected the Senate Amendments to HB 132 by a count of 76-0.

One other note: HB 1, the Campaign Finance Bill, was substantially amended by the House and sent to the Senate late last night. Final action on the bill is expected today. There was no link to the amended text, just the bill as introduced.



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