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Monday, December 13, 2004

Electoral College Votes / Challenge Filed

From the Columbus Dispatch:

The Ohio delegation to the Electoral College chose President Bush on Monday as the election winner amid a challenge of the November results filed hours earlier and a recount to start this week.

The 20 GOP electors voted unanimously for Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, following the same process Ohio electors have used for 200 years. The delegation members were signing forms to make their votes official.

Challengers of the state's presidential election results asked the Ohio Supreme Court earlier Monday to review the outcome.

They question whether Bush won the key swing state by 119,000 votes, guaranteeing his victory over Democrat John Kerry.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and attorney Cliff Arnebeck of the Massachusetts-based Alliance for Democracy -- backers of the court request -- accused Bush's campaign of "high-tech vote stealing."

From the Associated Press via MSNBC:

Carlo LoParo, spokesman for Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, defended the election results. For the challengers’ accusations to be true, he said, officials in both parties would have had to conspire to throw the election.

“That’s simply a ridiculous assertion,” he said.



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