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Monday, December 06, 2004

Easy Way to Find Case Law

The Supreme Court of Ohio's Reporter of Decisions web page offers up decisions of the Court dating back to 1992 and opinions from the twelve appellate districts, the Court of Claims and some Miscellaneous courts with varying start dates (but usually not any earlier than 2000). Clicking on any of the court links within the left column will lead you to the search page. The Ohio Supreme Court's opinions have all been converted to PDF as of a few months ago. No more Word docs. Users can choose their own search parameters: deciding court, year of decision, "web cite," or keyword search of the full text. Make sure you are fairly specific if using the latter. You can also pick a court and a year and just browse the case names and cites if you are really trying to find the needle in a haystack (but be sure to include the column "topics and issues" within your result if you do it that way).


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